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SvarDOS: The project's TODO list

* Replace the default (FreeDOS) edit with a smaller alternative (?) that is: - TINY (a dozen of KiBs or so) - relatively simple: no need for advanced text editing features, just enough to comfortably edit small (<64K) configuration files - 8086-compatible and have modest memory requirements - multi-lang (kitten library) - capable of (limited) copy/pasting between two files * validate that CORE is 100% 8086-compatible * Networking setup at install time -> should crynwr be part of the install set? Or only selected drivers? Or maybe this could be provided as a "supplemental" floppy disk? * make the COMMAND package smaller so there is no need for multiple lang-dependant copies of the binary * improve installer so user can choose the target disk * add a "link" tool so users can easily create "links" to their favorite programs (esp. things like zip/unzip, etc) * - MBR changes could be done by the installer itself instead of system()-calling fdisk * help - write more useful content! -> basic DOS commands (directories, copy/rename/delete files, etc) -> common configuration files (autoexec, config.sys, pkg.cfg, wattcp.cfg..) -> networking guide -> memory management basics -> ... * test new versions of software and update packages accordingly. special care must be taken for core things: kernel, freecom, fdisk, himemx... * add new, useful software to the SvarDOS repository (see the rules) * further NLS support, improvements of existing translations and adding new languages -> would be nice to have some kind of web interface for submitting and reviewing translations * pkgnet.exe: implement the 'checkup' action for easy update checks * possibly plenty of other things =============================

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