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This page lists all packages that are available in the SvarDOS repository. These packages can be downloaded from within SvarDOS using the pkgnet tool, or you can download them from here.

120below2012Short, winter-themed adventure game
4dos8.004DOS replaces the default command interpreter that are
adplay1.6amultiple formats music player using OPL2/3 audio
adt22.3.54tracker for composing OPL3 FM music
amb20201223AMB (Ancient Machine Book) book reader
ansimat0.93graphical viewer of ANSI files, can also convert ANSI files to graphic files or FLiC animations
append5.0-0.6enables programs to open files in specified directories as if they were in current dir
arj2.78The open-source ARJ archiver.
assign1.4Assign a drive letter to a different drive
atari8002.2.0A free and portable Atari800/XL/XE/5200 emulator
attrib2.1Display and set file attributes
augos4computer version of the Go game
b640.06RUtility that implements the Base64
bcc0.16.2Bruce's C compiler is a simple C compiler that produces 8086 assembler.
biew6.10Biew is a binary/hexadecimal viewer/editor.
bladeenc0.94.1Blade's MP3 Encoder generates MP3 files from WAV/AIFF/RAW data
blocek1.4A graphical text editor with unicode and pictures formats support
bmp2png1.62command-line tool that converts BMP images to PNG (and vice versa)
bolitare0.62aA Freecell clone for DOS
boom2.02A GPL port of the Doom source code. Packaged with FreeDoom for a complete gameplaying experience.
bootfix1.4Bootfix is a boot sector testing and fixing tool.
bsum1.1tiny tool that computes the BSD checksum of files
btitanic1Text based Infocom style adventure game.
bwbasic2.60The Bywater BASIC interpreter
bz21.0.5BZIP2 compression program
cabext1.4CABExtract can extract files from a variety of Microsoft CAB formats.
cache1.0disable/enable your processor's cache
calc38728Jan96tiny (1K) command-line calculator, requires a 387+ FPU
cdogs1.06C-DOGS is a sequel of Cyberdogs (walk around nuking bad guys)
chicken22.0shooting game involving chickens
chip82.2.0CHIP-8 Emulator bundled with several CHIP-8 games.
chkdsk0.9.2 betaCheck the disk for errors.
choice4.4Present a choice to the user and wait for a key (uses kitten instead of cats)
clamav0.95.3/9047/Wed Feb 25 21:59:41 2009ClamAV scans files and directories for viruses
clamdb51The Virus database for ClamAV
command0.84 pre 2The FreeDOS Command Shell
comp1.04Compare files and display their differences
cpidos3.0Package of DISPLAY-type, UPX-compressed CPI files with various DOS codepages.
cpied1.3ca GUI-driven CPI font editor
cpp2ccmt0.5A C++ to C comment converter.
crc3220040215calculates the standard 32-bit CRC checksum of files
crynwr2006-09-02A collection of free packet drivers from the Crynwr company
csphinx2.0Sphinx C-- is a compiler half-way between C and ASM
ctmouse2.1b4tiny mouse driver that supports many protocols of serial and PS/2 mice
ctorrentdnh3.2CTorrent is a BitTorrent client implemented in C++ to be lightweight and quick.
curl7.21.6Curl is a command line tool for transfering data specified with URL syntax.
cwsdpmi732-bit DPMI DOS extender designed for DJGPP.
cyberdog1.0walk around nuking bad guys
daa2iso0.1.7eA tool for converting single and multipart DAA and GBI images to the original ISO format.
ddlink1.6small & simple PC file transfer program (COM, LPT, ethernet)
debug1.25A program testing and editing tool
defrag1.32Defragmentation utility.
deltree1.02g.mrlgDelete files and directories with all included files and subdirectories!
desi36.03The DESI-III 2D-CAD system.
devload3.25Commandline device driver loading program, supports UMBs
dialog1.1-20080819Display dialog boxes in shell scripts
dillo3.0p9A graphical web browser known for its speed and small footprint.
diskcomp06jun2003Disk comparing utility
diskcopybeta 0.95Copy one disk or image file to an other
display0.13bFreeDOS driver for codepage management (screen or printer)
djgpp2.03DJGPP environnement
djgpp_bn2.21.1DJGPP binutils: linker, assembler, etc...
djgpp_bs2.4.1DJGPP Bison (a parser generator that is compatible with YACC)
djgpp_db7.5DJGPP Debugger (GDB)
djgpp_fq2.30DJGPP FAQ documentation
djgpp_fx2.5.4DJGPP Flex (fast lexical analyzer generator)
djgpp_gc4.71DJGPP GCC (C compiler)
djgpp_gp4.71DJGPP GPP (C++ compiler)
djgpp_mk3.79.1DJGPP make
djgpp_ob4.71DJGPP Objective-C compiler
djgpp_rh1.5DJGPP RHIDE editor
djgpp_tx4.12DJGPP Texinfo (info file viewer)
dn22.14 betaDOS Navigator 2 OpenSource is a file manager based on DOS Navigator (c) 1991-99 by RIT Research Labs.
dog0.8.3ban alternative shell, similar to FreeCOM, but different.
dos32a9.1.2DOS/32A is a DOS extender.
dosfsck2.11cchecks the consistency of PC/MS-DOS file systems and optionally tries to repair them
doshexed1.2fHex editor and viewer
dosidle2.10CPU cooling TSR
doslfn0.41Provides the long filename (LFN) API in plain DOS (without Windows)
dosmid0.9.5MIDI player for many synthesizers (AWE,MPU401,OPL,GUS...)
dosrifs2.0Drive sharing TSR between two PCs over serial link (drive mapping)
doszip2.52DOSZIP is an opensource Norton Commander clone
drhimem2.34HIMEM XMS and UMB memory manager from DR-DOS
drmind1.0logic game, find secret pattern using deduction (Mastermind clone)
du1.0displays disk usage, ala UNIX 'du'
dualvga0.9use TWO color displays on a single PC (requires 2 PCI cards)
dwj3.4.1an MP3 jukebox program designed to run on MAME cabinets
dwol1.0tiny Wake-On-LAN (WOL) tool for DOS
e1000pktFebruary 1, 2007Packet driver for Intel(R) PRO/1000 adapters, f.i. 82544, 82540, 82545, 82541, and 82547 based Ethernet control
e32.7.1a mini text editor that comes in both a 32 and 16bit version
edit0.9aFreeDOS improved clone of MS-DOS Edit
edlin2.10cThe edlin program is the FreeDOS standard line editor.
electrom2006Electro Man is a 2d platform game. Spaceship, aliens, cyborgs and shooting.
eliza1.01one of the earliest computer chatterbots AI
elvis2.2a clone of vi/ex, the standard UNIX editor. Supports nearly all vi/ex commands
empong0.91Emeritus Pong is a clone of the good old "Pong" game.
etherdfs0.8.2Ethernet DOS file system (maps remote drive over raw Ethernet)
ethtools8feb2010A set of diagnostic tools for ethernet networks. Built using the WatTCP stack. Includes ETHWHAT, WWWATCH, ETHSE
euphoria3.1.1The Euphoria interpreter/compiler
eval1001.00mathematical expression calculator, 80 bits double precision
ewsnake0.5A clone of the classic snake game (aka 'nibbles').
exe2bin1.5Convert an exe file to bin format
fasm1.71.57fast but powerful 80x86 assembler
fbc1.05.0FreeBASIC, a 32-bit BASIC Compiler
fbc_help1.05.0Help system for the FreeBASIC compiler (FBHELP v0.8b)
fc3.03File compare utility
fceu0.81FCE Ultra is an open-source NES emulator
fdapm2009sep11APM / ACPI control/info, energy saving TSR/control, cache flush, rebooting... {a replacement for MS-DOS POWER}
fdisk1.3.4fixed disk tool, creates and deletes partitions
fdnpkg0.99.6network-enabled package manager
fdxms0.94Replacement XMS driver for '386 systems or better
fdxms2860.03.TemperamentsReplacement XMS driver for '286 systems or better.
fed2.24A folding text editor with color syntax highlighting and more
find3.0a LFN (24 Sep 2007)Display all lines in one or more files that contain a given string
fmines1.00A minesweeper-like game with some nice graphical themes.
format0.91v (14 Jan 2006)Disk formatting program -- creates FAT file systems and lowlevel-formats floppy disks
foxcalc0.92A nice calculator. It have a TUI and mouse support.
foxtype0.16Advanced (graphic mode) text file viewer supporting UTF-8
fpc2.6.0A self-hosting 32-/64-bit Pascal compiler supporting Turbo and Delphi dialects.
freedoom3.30SMMU is a Doom source port derived from MBF and Boom. This version is packaged with FreeDoom for a complete ga
frotz2.43An interpreter for Infocom games and other Z-machine games.
ft22.08FastTracker 2, a MOD/XM tracker for music composing
ftetris1.54tetris clone with joypad support
gcdrom2.4SATA native IDE CD/DVD-ROM driver for DOS
gifsicle1.70manipulates GIF images and animations in a variety of ways.
glaunch0.9.8Universal front end for emulators.
gnubc1.02bc is an arbitrary precision numeric processing language. Syntax is similar to C, but differs in many substanti
gnuchess4.0 patch 60GNU Chess is a communal chess program. Contributors donate their time and effort in order to make it a stronger
gopherus1.2.1text-based gopher browser
grep2.0grep searches files (or standard input) for lines that match a given pattern. The pattern may be a regular expr
gsplay1.0a standard MIDI file player.
gzip1.2.4GNU zip compression - a file archiver tool, like PKZIP
hangman1.05Multilingual hangman
happylnd1.1A classic jump'n'run combined with original puzzle elements, a game full of surprises. Explore the big levels a
help20210403SvarDOS help (manual)
hexcomp1.0.4graphically compares binary files
himemx3.34HimemX is a XMS memory manager derived from FreeDOS Himem
hip2.1Hide In Picture is a steganography program that hides files inside pictures
hiram1.9Upper Memory (UMB) Extender for 80286, 80386, 80486 CPUs
htget1.06HTGET is a file grabber that will get files from HTTP servers.
ihpfs1.29Maps a HPFS (OS/2) partition as drive under plain DOS (read-only)
insight1.24real-mode DOS 16-bit debugger
ivan0.50A graphical roguelike game.
jemm5.78Jemm386 is an Expanded Memory Manager for DOS, based on the source of FreeDOS EMM386. It has several advantages
jumpbump2.0Jump'n Bump is a bloody shooting game with fluffy bunnies
jwasm2.11JWasm is a free MASM-compatible assembler supporting 16, 32 and 64-bit code generation.
kernel2042The FreeDOS Kernel (supports FAT12/FAT16/FAT32)
keyb2.01Keyboard driver (BIOS level) for international support
keyb_lay3.1Keyboard layouts for KEYB
kiloblas2.0Kiloblaster is a fast-paced space shooter arcade game
kraptorApr_2004Kraptor is an open-source Raptor-like game complete with several levels.
label1.4b.eaSets or changes the disk volume label
lame3.98.4manipulates MP3 files, including conversion to and from other formats
lbacache2008apr07Disk cache, caches reads for max 8 CHS/LBA HDDs and FDDs (XMS, 386+)
less291Less is a program similar to more, but which allows backward movement in the file as well as forward movement.
lha2006-10-09archiver working with LHA / LZH archives
lincrawl4.0.0b26A fun game in the grand tradition of games like Rogue, Hack and Moria.
links2.13Links is a Lynx-like text and graphics WWW browser.
liquiwar5.6.3A unique multiplayer wargame.
localcfg0.90locales preferences configuration tool
lowp1.0enables power saving states on AMD mobile CPUs
lpq12lpq1 is a file compressor and archiver
lptdrv0.7a tool to control LPT-attached devices manually or on a time basis
lscolor16may1995Displays directory's content in a similar way to the UNIX "ls" command.
lua5.2.2Lua is an embeddable scripting language
lzip1.9A data compressor based on the LZMA algorithm.
lzma4.32.7Works with .lzma compressed files (different from 7-zip)
lzop0.96a compressor similar to gzip, that favors speed over compression ratio
magnetic2.3An interpreter for Magnetic Scrolls adventures.
mamasoy2018Mama Soybean's Delicious Oyster Sauce, Sokoban-like CGA logic game
mbedit8.64mbedit is a full screen text editor with macro option, online calculator, command history buffer, hex editor a
mbldr1.46alternative MBR boot loader that fits in a single sector
mbrwiz1.52MBR management tool (set partitions active, hide them, backup MBR...)
md5sum3.0MD5 Checksummer
meka0.70MEKA is a Multi machine emulator.
mem1.11Displays the amount of used and free memory in your system
memtest2.00MEMTEST is a program for testing DRAM (main memory) of PC-compatible computers built on Intel 386 or higher pro
memteste2003MEMTESTE is a MEMTEST loader (RAM tester)
mines0.96MiNES is an editor for iNES ROMS.
mips1.20benchmark program for pre-486 computers
mirmagic2.0.2An arcade style game like "Deflektor" (C 64) or "Mindbender" (Amiga)
mirror0.2Records information about the disk for possible data recovery.
mkeyb0.40Very small Keyboarddriver, 500-700 Bytes resident
mode2015-11-25Set the mode of your devices:
more4.3Displays the contents of a text file one page at a time
move3.3aMoves files from here to there
mplayer1.0rc2MPlayer is a movie player ported from Linux.
mpxplay1.60plays multiple audio formats w/ built-in modern soundcard drivers
msedit0.11Mateusz' Saucy Editor
mtcp2013-04-26collection of TCP/IP tools for 16 bit DOS: DHCP, IRC, FTP, Telnet, Netcat, HTGet, Ping, SNTP
nansi4.0d (2007may26)An ANSI driver for DOS
nasm2.12.02The Netwide Assembler (UPX Compressed Version)
nconvert6.88multi-format commandline image converter
nesticleX.XXNES emulator
nethack3.4.3A single player dungeon exploration game.
newsnuz0.98usenet (NNTP) reader based on WatTCP
nge_nibb0.1.0A clone of Nibbles, an old arcade game.
nlsfunc0.4NLSFUNC adds NLS (National Language Support) functionality
nosefart1.92NSF player (NES music player)
nssi0.60.45system (hardware) information
ntfs30Mar2001Enables access to ntfs partitions
ntool1.5NTOOL is just another incarnation of the famous program NETCAT, based on the WatTCP stack.
nyet1.1A text-mode tetris clone.
opencp2.6.0pre6OpenCubic Player is a multi-format (mp3,wav,mid...) music player
opengem6Graphical desktop manager. Includes several GUI apps.
ow1.9Open Watcom C/C++ compiler
ozonegui0.5.3.0oZone Desktop environment
p7zip4.65port of 7za (command line version of 7zip, a high-compression file archiver)
pacificc7.51Freeware version of the Pacific C compiler.
paint22PowerPaint 2 is a mouse-driven graphic paint program that supports paint1 file type and two other types
pakupaku1.6A pacman clone using text mode only.
part2.37Partition Manager can: Save and restore MBR; Create and delete partitions; View hard disks' IDE
password0.50Password program -- Protects your computer from stranger's access
pbox0.11A console-mode passwords manager using AES-encrypted storage
pcfile5.01PC-File database program
pcisleep12 mar 2005PCISLEEP lists and sleeps pci cards.
pcntpk03.10packet driver for AMD PCNET ethernet adapters (crynwr)
pdtree1.02graphically displays the folder structure of a drive or path
pede20-Nov-2003A clone of centepede for the Atari
perl5.8.8perl is a language combining some features of C, sed, awk and shell
pg1.16Displays the contents of a text file one page at a time
pgme2015-07-26Program Manager Eternity application and utility launcher and Font tools for DOS. (Requires mouse)
pico3.96simple text editor in the style of the Pine Composer
picosntp0.9.1SNTP client for DOS, based on picoTCP
picotcp20151119picoTCP networking stack (library and configuration tools)
ping2.2The ping internet diagnostic tool. This version is extracted from the Watt-32 v2.2 suite.
pkg20210212SvarDOS package manager: installs, removes and updates packages
pkgnet20210121pulls packages from the internet SvarDOS repository
plutcav2019Plutonium Caverns, a sokoban-like logic game with VGA graphics
pngcrush1.7.66PNG compression/optimization tool
print1.02.eaPrint files in the background while you do other things.
provox6.6the PROVOX screen reader
psrinvad1.1Space Invaders Game Clone
qtetris1.4.1A clone of the TETRIS game, and a tribute to the Queen band at the same time.
quadnet1.0Fastpaced cosmic-like shooter
qvpro2.61QuickView Pro is a multimedia viewer (video, music, images...)
rcal1.0big-num calculator, floating point, 8086+, mimics "paper roll" calculators
rdisk4-Aug-12RDISK is a simple and small RAMdisk driver, for use when resizing or other features are not needed.
rdosumb1.1FaUpper memory manager (UMB) for 80286 and newer
recover0.1 (BETA)Recover disks or lost files.
regina3.7Port of Regina Rexx interpreter with SAA Rexx API support.
replace1.2Replaces files in the destination directory with files from the source directory that have the same name.
rocknes4.00 beta 1NES emulator
row41.0Connect 4 tokens of same color in one row, text mode, very small
rsync2.2.5rsync is a utility software that synchronizes files and directories from one location to another while minimizi
runtime2.1bTimes the execution of a program, and tells you its run time
savepart3.70Partition Saving save/restore/copy parts or whole disks.
search1.0Locates files on your computer
share08/2006Installs file sharing and locking capabilities on your hard disk - for FreeDOS kernel only
shsucdx3.05Free CDROM extender for DOS
shsufdrv1.02SHSUFDRV is a driver for floppy and hard disk images. SHSURDRV copies the image to RAM and/or creates RAM drive
simcoupe1.0A SAM Coupe Emulator.
slowdos1.03Simulate an older CPU by adding software delays.
slowdown3.10slow down the computer, different methods available
sneese0.853bSNEeSe is a Super NintEndo Entertainment System Emulator.
snovaBText based adventure game set in the future.
sort1.5.1Sort the contents of a text file, optionally using the NLS collate table
sqlite3.5.6An Embeddable SQL Database Engine
srdisk2.09cResizeable Ramdisk. Srdisk is fast and able to use over 32 MB of XMS and EMS memory. The size of the disk can b
sshdos0.93SSH client for DOS. Also contains SSH, SCP and SFTP in both 8086 and 386 versions.
sstep1.0frequency and voltage control for Intel Speedstep capable CPUs
sudoku861.0.3a 16-bit Sudoku game for DOS and 8086/8088 CPUs
swsubst3.2SUBST and JOIN
tar1.12A tape archiver
tcalc3.0command-line calculator
tde5.1vTDE is a simple, public domain, multi-file/multi-window binary and text file editor written for IBM PCs and close
te1.7Tiny Editor, very small (10K), supports files up to 64K
tee2.0.3Saves a copy of its input to a file, while printing a copy to stdout
teo1.8.2An emulator of the Thomson TO8 microcomputer.
terminal3.2a tiny vt100/ansi terminal for every pc
testdisk7.0Testdisk checks partition/bootsector of disks; Photorec recovers many types of data
tetris2k?DOS Tetris 2KB Size
tinyaes3.12A very small AES/Rijndael file encryption tool
topbench0.38hbenchmark program with a huge database of systems
touch1.4.4Set the date + time stamp on a file like *nix "touch"
tppatch-Patching tool for RUNTIME 200 bug in programs compiled with Turbo Pascal.
tree3.7.2Graphically displays the folder structure of a drive or path.
ttm0.95TeraLogic Texture Maker is a texture/background generator
turbogo2.0game of Go with an extensive help system
tweak1.6bedits VGA registers, allows to test non-standard video modes
udvd230-Apr-13CD/DVD UltraDMA device driver
uhex1.0.4uHex is a simple and fast hex editor
umbdrvr5.22UMB provider device driver
umbpci3.83EMM386 replacement for UMB management in real mode
umm0.3UMB enabler, registers hardware UMB memory as available, req. 286+
undelete2008Undelete allows to undelete erased (but recoverable) files from a FAT16/FAT32 filesystem.
unformat0.8Unformat a disk that you accidentally formatted.
unrar3.80Unrar is a file decompressor with high compression ratio.
unrtf0.21.5converts document in RTF format to other formats (html,latex,txt...)
unzip6.00A file decompression tool, like PKUNZIP.
uptime7.02Reports computer's uptime, similar to UNIX "uptime"
upx3.91UPX is a free, portable, extendable, high-performance executable packer for several different executable format
uram2003.8.16Upper memory manager (UMB provider)
urthwurm2002guide a worm through 10 levels of caves (SFCave remake)
usbdos2010-01-30collection of DOS drivers for UHCI (USB 1.1 12Mbit/1.5Mbit)
use_umbs2.0UMB memory provider (enabler)
utf8tocp0.9.4converts UTF-8 text files to other codepages and back
v8power16.05.06V8Power Tools batch file enhancement utilities for DOS.
vertigo0.26A flight simulator that focuses on realism of the flight model.
vice2.2Versatile Commodore 8-bit Emulator, emulates C64, C128, VIC20, PET, PLUS4 and CBM-II.
vitetris0.55A terminal-based Tetris clone.
vmsmount0.5bA DOS redirector for mounting VMware's shared folders
vncview3.3.7VNC viewer for 8086+, based on Xvncviewer
wde3.0bWde is a disk editor.
wget1.11.2The non-interactive network downloader.
which2.1which is a utility born in the UNIX world that enables users
wing0.7A galaga-like space shooter.
ww11.0A text based trivia game.
xargon3.0side-scrolling platform game similar to Jill of the Jungle
xcdrom2.2XCDROM is a DOS driver for CDROMS.
xcopy1.4Copies files and directory trees.
xf252.5PC Xformer, the Atari 800XL Emulator For MS-DOS Compatible PCs
xfdisk0.9.3 BetaXfdisk is a fdisk like software that is used to partition disks.
xgrep1.03Fast UNIX-like `grep' clone supporting regular expressions
xmgr4-Aug-12XMGR is a DOS driver which works as an "XMS manager" and provides up to 4-GB of XMS memory.
xmsdsk1.9Ixmsdsk is a ramdisk driver
yapcbr1.02layer 2 bridge for packet drivers (turns a PC into a switch)
youloose1.0be the first to place four disks in a row
z261.58An Atari 2600 Emulator
zboy0.60GameBoy classic emulator
zerofill1.02Fills empty space on a drive with zeros. It helps virtual machine, and disk compression softwares to compact th
zip2.3A file archiver tool, like PKZIP.
zmiy0.85.2A snake game (like Nibbles) for DOS and 8086
zoo2.1Manipulate zoo archives.
zsnes1.51A Super Nintendo emulator.
zxspectr3.4A full-featured ZX Spectrum emulator.